North Central Youth

What We’re All About

Changing the world one student at a time through reaching them with the gospel, connecting them with other Christians while challenging them to Discover their ministry and to Honor God with their life. 

Weekly Events

A weekend long student event, hosted by North Central Baptist Church Student Ministry from February 18-20, 2022, DNOW is one of the biggest Middle/High School events of the year!
At Disciple Now (DNOW) we bring in the best young adults and college aged students from around our Church to lead Bible studies in the homes of church members for groups of students that are both age and gender specific. The weekend centers around a series of Bible studies in the homes and rallies at the BCM, located right across the street from the main UF campus. Our bible study for the weekend will center around conquering the fear that holds us back from going all in for God. This study will not only help you grasp a better picture of who God is, but it’ll also help motivate you to live intentionally where you’re at now. We are SO EXCITED about this study because we know that it is going to help you develop your faith for years to come!
DNOW begins on Friday, Feb 18th at 5pm at North Central and ends on Sunday, Feb 20. Cost is $30 for all students and includes booklet, t-shirt, band, speaker, all food and more!

Questionnaire below to give us an idea of how you’re interested in helping and how we can get

It takes an army of host homes and small group leaders to make this weekend of discipleship happen. If you are interested in investing in DNOW please fill out the short questionnaire below to give us an idea of how you’re interested in helping and how we can get into contact with you. We will follow up with you to answer any questions you may have and talk about getting you plugged into a spot!

Join our Youth Ministry on Saturday, December 4 at Jonesville park for our annual Chili Bowl Flag Football competition! The layout is real simple, students form teams of between 6-10 players (no more than 5 NCBC students on one team) to compete in our 6 on 6 flag football competition. In the morning following registration we’ll be playing round robin games for seeding. Following our Chick Fil A Lunch the tournament begins with single game elimination till we have both a Middle and High School Champion. See below for rules. 

9:00am-9:30am Team Registration 

10am Round Robin Games 

12:15pm Lunch/Speaker

 1:15pm Tournament 

**This year we’re asking for a $20 entrance fee per team**

Every student needs to sign our medical form below to participate, so both you and a legal guardian need to sign it and bring it to the registration table the day of

For Parents

Where do we start?

Your student’s two best introductions to NCBC Youth will be at our MDWK worship gathering at 6:30pm in room 206, and at Life Groups, meeting at 9:30am on Sunday mornings.

Can I attend Youth with my student?

Absolutely. Our Wednesday night worship service is always open. Be sure to connect with a leader when you come and complete a connection card so that we can get to know you better.

What’s up and coming?

The best way to remain in the know of all the wonderful things our Church has planned to reach, connect and equip your students to love Jesus and to equip you with resources and relevant articles in parenting is to sign up for our email list! To sign up, make sure to email the youth pastor at (When the first Monday rolls around make sure to check your spam box because sometimes emails don’t like the ‘mail chimp’ domain)

How to get up to date information?

Every month we send out two emails connecting you with what we do and tools to help you engage with your North Central Youth student at home. Click on the links below to see the two most recent emails we’ve sent out.