September 2022

Dear North Central Family,

Well, football season is upon us! September always brings excitement in the life of our church!

The Full Circle Parenting Conference is September 9-10 with Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins. I have known Jimmy and Kristin for many, many years and have watched them in ministry and as parents. They are special people and they communicate in a very special way to Bible believing Christians. Friday night we will enjoy a dessert fellowship along with a great session from 7-8:45pm. On Saturday we will begin with a fabulous Chick-fil-A Chicken Mini breakfast and three wonderful sessions that will be creative and exciting for our participants. We will have breaks with refreshments and will enjoy fellowship with one another. I promise you, you will not be disappointed! You will also receive your own special copy of Full Circle Parenting, the book that Jimmy and Kristin have written. If you have not signed up yet, you can do so by going to our website. The price is only $39 per couple, $25 for individual, and our people have made it possible for any single parent to sign up and register with no fee. Please do so quickly. It is going to be a great event!

On September 11 at 5pm we are going to have our Missions Expo. If you remember last year we had a tremendous event with tables and booths set up for mission teams that have been on Summer missions as well as other tables that highlighted particular opportunities around the world. This is going to be a great event! While we are having our Missions Expo, we will enjoy a wonderful Texas BBQ at 5pm as well. Dr. Adam Greenway, the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will speak to us on Missions as a part of this special event. Everything will be over by 7pm. We will have childcare from 6-7pm for our preschoolers. What a great event! Please mark it on your calendar to make sure you’re in attendance for our Texas BBQ with Dr. Adam Greenway and our Missions Expo.  

We are excited to welcome all our college students back! They have a special Lake Day scheduled for September 18 from 1-6pm at Lake Swan Camp. College students can find out more about that event through the College Ministry.

Our Greeters do such a fantastic job Sunday by Sunday welcoming folks into our auditorium and for Life Groups. They will have a special Greeter’s Luncheon on Sunday, September 25 following the morning service. 

I want to ask you to pray with me about two very important positions that are on our staff that need to be filled. I have been diligently working to find an Associate Pastor for Youth and Families and a Children’s Director for our staff. I have not been successful with all the leads that I have followed thus far. I do believe that God is sovereignly at work and will lead us to the right people in each situation. Would you pray with me about it? This is one of the heaviest burdens of my heart right now because I know how important these positions are. Having said that, I am so proud and rejoicing with the tremendous teams we have working in these areas. No doubt, things are enhanced when we have our staff in place. This is what we are working toward. I appreciate your prayers as we continue to search for the right people that will lead in these areas.

Please also pray for our Entryway Enhancement Committee. We recently met with our architects and design build company to discuss the design. We are making some further changes to enhance the usability of this space and to save costs and are looking forward to an updated design soon. Please be assured that your committee is working hard to get this solved and as soon as we have a design to present to the church, we will bring it to you. We will also be bringing to us a financial plan to raise funds to pay cash for this building expansion. This will be a tremendous blessing for us when we get it built. 

Our Life Group ministry is growing! We have seen a marked increase in attendance in many of our adult classes. Brother Justin Thomas is our Adult Life Group Director and is doing a great job! I want to challenge each of you to find the adult group that you can attend. Make sure your children are in their Bible Study places on Sunday mornings. Small group Bible Study is essential for the growth of our fellowship. 

It is a joy to be your Pastor. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday and all the special events of this month. May the Lord bless this precious fellowship of believers.


Pastor Calvin