July 2022

Dear Church Family,

We have some exciting events and activities for our church family for the month of July. I can’t believe it’s already July!

Youth Camp is July 3-7. Jeremy Carlton who used to be in our ministry years ago will be preaching. The camp is held at beautiful Lake Swan Camp in Melrose, Florida. It’s going to be a special, special time. I encourage all of the parents of our students to get them signed up and make sure they’re at camp. We have wonderful adult leadership who lead out in this meeting. My friend, brother Wayne Brown will be speaking on Wednesday evening. He has a powerful testimony of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This is a week teenagers don’t want to miss.

Our Vacation Bible School begins on July 18 and goes through Friday, July 22. The theme is Spark Studios: Created in Christ. Designed for God’s Purpose. Meghan Williams and Lee Anne Privette have done a great job of lining up a tremendous program for our children. This is one of my favorite weeks of the year personally. Getting to see the children have a wonderful time is such a blessing, so I encourage all of our parents to get their children signed up for VBS. It’s going to be an exciting week!

Please be praying for your Entryway Enhancement Committee. Brother Mike Weldon is our Chairman. He’s done a great job in getting our team together. We’re working with Foresight Construction for the design build of our entryway enhancement. We are in the middle of talks right now about the future of this project. Please be in prayer for your committee and for the direction that this project goes. Also begin praying now about the funding for this project.

We rejoice in the Supreme Court’s decision in the Dobb’s case. As a result of this particular case, Roe vs. Wade has been reversed and so we are thrilled with this. My entire ministry I have been praying and asking God along with others who love Jesus that the Roe vs Wade decision would be reversed. What a blessing it is! It shows us how important it is for us as believers to be involved in the political process. It does make a difference. We are called to make that difference. As you know we are involved in our SIRA Baby Bottle Campaign right now. As our people fill those bottles with their change, extra funds are used to help SIRA, which is a ministry working with ladies in crisis. Our work is cut out for us as a church family in loving children, loving ladies in crisis pregnancies, and loving families. The gospel work of loving people never ends! We’re grateful for this decision that will save lives and we’re grateful for the ministry the Lord has given us in getting the gospel to save lives who will need to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

I’m so excited about our studies in the book of Acts. I appreciate brother Kurt Shiver preaching for me while I was away on vacation. What a tremendous blessing he is to our church family in preaching for us!

We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together on Sunday morning, July 17. 

It is a joy to be your Pastor. We look forward to new students that will be coming our way in the month of August from UF and Santa Fe. We have just welcomed new students who have come for the summer semester. New beginnings to the school year provide new opportunities for ministry. Let’s be on the lookout for people who need a church home and who need Jesus.

God bless you as we serve the Lord together!