August 2022

Dear Church Family,

I’m writing this article to you on the very first day of August. What a summer we have had! Yesterday we celebrated the baptism of a young man in our church. We looked at the book of Acts to the Antioch Church as our example. We need to be in prayer that we would have the same qualities of the church at Antioch. We have some unique opportunities before us that will help us as we seek to reach our city and grow God’s people.

September 9th and 10th Jimmy and Kristin Scroggins will be with us for the Full Circle Parenting Conference. Every registrant will receive a copy of their newly published book. Jimmy told me, “We don’t have all the answers, but we are seeking to understand God’s principles as we raise our children and now help with our grandchildren.” 

Jimmy has been a personal friend for many years. Kristen was in our youth group years ago. They have both modeled a love for the church, a love for Jesus, and a love for their family. I can promise you that you will not regret coming to the Full Circle Parenting Conference. I want our people to get signed up quickly because there’s limited availability for childcare, birth through 5th grade. You will receive a copy of their book, all four sessions, a dessert fellowship on Friday night, and breakfast on Saturday morning all as a part of your registration. Please go to our website and register!

We begin our wonderful Wednesday night program August 10th. Hannah Rynning our Awana Director is doing a fantastic job getting us ready. The 10th will be a kickoff and sign-up night for our Awana program. We will begin our Wednesday Night Supper which is always a special time of fellowship on the 10th as well. Youth activities and Conversational English will begin. School for Alachua County starts on the 10th also. Please be on the lookout for people who need a church home and invite them to be a part of our North Central family.

Sunday August 21st we will celebrate the Lord’s Supper together. This is always a special time as a church family.

We will welcome our college students back for the fall semester soon. They will be here in force beginning August 21st and we will have a special welcoming day on August 28th. Our College Ministry will sponsor a college lunch on this day. North Central has always had a tremendous ministry with college students. God’s hand has been on our church in these days for College Ministry. We are so thankful and grateful for this.

The Church on Mission is the theme of our messages now in Acts 13 and following. We are going to notice that God is moving the church to get the gospel to the far reaches of the world. What a joy it is to study God’s Word with you!

May the Lord bless you and the wonderful people of our sweet fellowship, our North Central Baptist family. It is a privilege and joy to be your Pastor!

Love in Jesus,