Youth Camp 2010

What a tremendous blessing it is to be with our youth here at Camp. We are at the Word of Life Camp in Hudson, Florida probably 30 minutes north of Tampa. God is working in a great way in this camp. There are 417 students here from 20 churches. We have students in 4 different cabins. Our older guys are grouped together and our younger guys are grouped together. It’s the same way with the girls-thus making the 4 cabins. Each day is made up of incredible worship and Bible Study. The students are challenged to completely sell out to Christ, making Him Lord of their lives. I am really praying that the momentum from this camp will propel our students to continue in a radical walk with Christ. Why is it that so often we see believers get fired up about Christ at something like Camp or the Connect Conference and then it wears off? I know that God is able to conform us to his image and for that change to last!  Lord do it in me!