Welcome College Students

The walls are going up on our new building! It will only be a short time now before we are able to enjoy this wonderful facility. This will give us all kinds of flexibility with our Bible study classes and our schedule. Be praying that the Lord will lead us to make correct decisions as we move into the building.


The Above and Beyond giving continues to amaze us all! It is very important that we remain faithful now to the challenge. I’m asking the Lord to help us all stay committed to the task at hand. The faithful giving of all of our people will enable us to be completely debt free from this project at the end of our Above and Beyond Campaign. Your faithful giving insures our success!


Welcome to all of our special College students. We are having many new and returning students to return to our worship services and activities. Let’s all welcome them.


An Ordinary Guy can make an eternal Impact is the new series that the lord has laid on my heart to share on Sunday mornings. It is in the heart of every follower of Christ to count for the cause of the gospel. We know that the Lord is pleased when we are faithful to share God’s love. I’m excited to share some strategic ways that you can be a part of what God is doing in the world. We are studying Galatians on Sunday night. One thing that the Apostle Paul makes unmistakably clear is that you don’t distort the gospel of Jesus Christ. Some people in the Galatian region were doing just that and Paul wrote this letter to correct it. He didn’t pull any punches. Come and enjoy the study of God’s Word with us on Sunday nights. Get your children involved in the Choir program that begins at 5pm and then stay for these Bible studies. We dismiss at 7pm.


Wednesday nights are awesome for families at North Central. Congratulations to John and Nicole Roberts who have taken on new leadership positions as commanders in the AWANA program. This is new to them. Encourage them by getting involved in the leadership of this fine ministry. I’m thankful for the effective leadership of Dave and Joy Wright over the years in AWANA. Dave and Joy are a great blessing to this ministry and will help us get John and Nicole on board so that we can build the best AWANA ministry ever!


The Women’s Resource Center of Gainesville has been the object of our prayers and giving for many, many years. I’m delighted that our church will host its fund raising banquet here on Friday night, September 28 at 6:30pm. You can contact them at 352-377-4947 if you would like to attend. Their mission is to help those women who face hardship in crisis pregnancies. God uses this group to save the lives of many unborn babies. We are thankful and grateful to give our support to this organization.


September the 23rd we will have a special offering for our Seminary Scholarship Fund. As you know, this interest bearing account is used to help our members who leave for seminary with some of their semester fees. It has been our way to invest in the lives of those who planted their lives here in our church and felt called to vocational Christian ministry. Because the interest rate on this fund has been lower in recent years, our interest earned has not reached the level to be able to help all of those that are deserving. At the recommendation of our Stewardship committee we are going to take an offering that will go right into the disbursement line item in the fund. This will enable us to meet our scholarship demands. Pray about what God may want you to give to invest in the lives of these precious seminary students.


God is working powerfully in our fellowship. Last Sunday we baptized 3 precious believers! Let’s be praying that the baptismal waters will remain stirred!


It is a joy to be your Pastor.


Pastor Calvin