I would like to take this opportunity to welcome new and returning college students to Gainesville, Florida for the Fall Semester 2009! What a wonderful opportunity the Lord has given North Central Baptist Church to touch the lives of thousands of collegians throughout our storied 74 year history. Our lives are enriched by your presence in our church and community.

I want to give you Five reasons why you will love it at NCBC!

1. Our people love College Students. That’s right. From the front door to the Small Group Bible studies, our people will give you encouragement and love.  Our college ministry is led by the finest College minister that I know of anywhere, Zach Allen.  He and his sweet wife Shelly have been pouring into UF and Santa Fe students at a record pace.  Zach has assembled a team of leaders that you will love. These leaders are sold out to make this a place that is Biblically relevant for you.

2.  We won’t candy coat the gospel.  When you come here, you will hear the Word of God. In the sermons preached and Bible studies taught our message is simple–surrender to Jesus Christ and experience the magnificent Grace of God.

3.  You can get your hands dirty in ministry here.  I mean that, from mentoring a youth, to the lost man in Gainesville who needs the gospel, we will give you a way to make a difference.  Isn’t that what you want to do anyway? Sure you’ll take chemistry in Leigh Hall but why not also count for Christ through your local church?

4.  We love the nations here.  Our church loves missions.  We are taking college students to Brazil for them to share Jesus.  Many have left our ranks to go all over the world for Christ. We have an international ministry that is awesome.  You like missions?  You’ll like North Central.

5. This place is full of surprises. For years God has blessed our people in unique ways.  Some started pouring into youth here.  Others were called to missions here.  MANY majors are changed by our students. (I think that happens everwhere!) And get this–you may meet your wife here!  Oh yea, that happened to me when I was minding my own business as a college student at North Central.  This beautiful girl named Kelly caught my eye and the rest is history!  I am forever grateful for this place.

So check us out.  We are a New Testament Church that wants to be on mission with God in the world.  Come along with us.  I think you’ll love it!