Welcome Bob Tebow!!

It is a blessing to welcome Bob Tebow to North Central this Sunday, October 18th. He will be speaking at both of our Sunday services, 9:30am and 6pm. All are invited to attend.

I have had the privilege of knowing the Tebows for 20 years. They have never wavered in their commitment to the Lord Jesus and His Great Commission task. Prior to coming to North Central as Pastor, I had the unique opportunity to direct the High School Ministry at one of the most dynamic churches in the world, the First Baptist Church of Jacksonville, Florida. This was my responsibility for over 18 years.  Bob and Pam Tebow’s two daughters and three sons all went through the High School Ministry during my tenure.  Although most everyone is aware of Tim’s great accomplishments on and off the field, what most may not know is that all five of the Tebow children are champions in their own right.  They all love the Lord and are a testimony to Bob and Pam’s efforts to raise up children with a heart for Christ.

I am excited about having Bob here for a number of reasons.  First, Bob is committed to the Gospel.  He is a Gospel centered preacher.  Secondly, he has a heart for lost people.  Bob has spent the lion’s share of his life getting the gospel to the lost of the Philippines.  Over these years, Bob has reported that hundreds of thousands of these wonderful people have  come to know Jesus through the efforts of his Evangelistic Association.  Third, Bob is real.  I’ve known him for these 20 years.  He’s the same guy to me that he was before Tim ever came to Florida and won two national championships and the Heisman Trophy.  What you see is what you get. I think he and Pam have done as good a job as anyone in the limelight at just displaying that they are servants of the Lord, and want Jesus to get the glory for all He has done!

All are invited to these special services with the hope that they will find the encouragement that they need through a relationship with the living Lord Jesus Christ.