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Here at North Central, we use an audition system in the Worship Arts Ministries. However, this is probably not like most auditions you may have been to, or maybe even had nightmares about. Our goal is to help every person succeed in life through growing in their relationship with and in service to the Lord. Consequently, our audition system is not a way to keep people off the team, but to help them find their right place on the team. You might think of our auditions as more of an interview and an opportunity to get to know you better, and for you to get to know us and ask any questions that you may have.

Below are some links where you can download one or more of our team packets that have audition information, FAQs and a team application. Please feel free to download and fill out a packet for 2 or even 3 different teams.

We hope to hear from you and are looking forward to helping you find your place!



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[thaudio href=’http://gatorchurch.com/wamauditions/arise/’]Arise[/thaudio]

[thaudio href=’http://gatorchurch.com/wamauditions/everlasting-god/’]Everlasting God[/thaudio]


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