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A disciple is a follower of Jesus Christ who lives in biblical community and is committed to becoming more like Him. The early church was filled with disciples who embodied the gospel, and this lifestyle had a tremendous impact on the course of history for Christ. We want to make that kind of impression on Gainesville, Fl, and believe it will happen by building a culture of discipleship.

Sunday night | Forge gathering | 5pm in 206

Every other Sunday night this year we’ll be meeting at church. During this time, we will fellowship with other believers over pancakes, dive into learning how to be a strong disciple of Christ, and hear from amazing leaders within our church. Our leaders will be talking about topics such as quiet time, prayer, evangelism, scripture memory, and other essential elements for following Jesus to the best of our ability.

Sunday night gathering dates

September 22, 29      January 12, 26

October 13, 27             February 9, 23

November 10               March 8

December 8

Beyond Sunday | Forge groups

Meetings at church takes place every other Sunday, but the real discipleship happens during the week in forge groups. Forge groups entail each student being paired with a mature believer who comes alongside them for intentional relational teaching. That means that they will discuss what they heard Sunday night and keep each other accountable to put into practice what they have learned (“as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another”-Pro 27:17). Furthermore, they discuss how real life meets the Bible where they are at helping the gospel extend to every part of their life as Jesus intended. This approach is what Christ used with His followers and allows for an in depth individual approach as opposed a one size fits all method.

Spring Break | Forge Retreat

Spring break is the culmination of our forge discipleship program. During this time, we reward our students who have been keeping up all year long, and do one last enrichment by taking them on a retreat. These retreats have included the Blue Ridge Mountains, Washington D.C., and Tampa, FL. Students have been able to connect with godly foreign ambassadors, seen how our country was founded on Christian principles, take time to meditate on God’s handiwork, and have fun with other believers. This year we will continue the trend by taking our high schoolers to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary to hear from top notch professors as well as meet godly leaders in Washington D.C. Middle schoolers as usual will do an in state day trip where they will have fun and hear from a great leader in baptist student ministry.

*Retreat details and registration will be added on a later date. Cost on registration does not cover retreat costs in Spring

High School trip dates

March 22-27

Middle School trip date

March 28


Not only to we teach aspects of discipleship bi-weekly, but we also record the lessons and post them on our podcast for you to listen to as you go! Every week the Forge meets, the following Monday we’ll post the message on our page. Then, the following week we’ll sit down with the speaker to go further in depth with the topic taught on, as well as further discuss resources that we believe would be helpful for you to use! Follow the link below to go to our page and get an extra dose of the Forge!

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