September News

A few weeks ago, North Central had the joy of hosting a welcome back luncheon that was on the University of Florida Campus. Our own Matt Seitz spoke to this group and challenged them to find a church that will love them and challenge them to grow. He gave his testimony of how North Central has ministered to both he and Jess as they were students here. Now they are married and he leads our work to both Santa Fe and UF.

His comments reminded me of the great challenge that we have to love lost people and get the gospel to them. Our mission statement is: Reflecting Christ’s light to Gainesville and the World. This is our commission from Jesus.

Our ministries have kicked off this fall with great success. We had the best AWANA launch ever as well as an awesome launch to our Children’s Choirs on Sunday nights. I look forward to teaching our families Scriptural Character qualities in the days ahead on Sunday nights. We will have some special testimonies as well and hear all of our Children’s Choirs perform. I encourage all of our families to enroll your children in our Children’s ministry programs.

We welcome Joshua Privette as he begins as our Youth Director. Joshua is a contagious Christian and will challenge your youth to love Jesus. He just got married to Sierra this past weekend. Be praying for Joshua and Sierra as they begin their new life together and as Joshua leads our students.

I want you to lift up our fellowship in prayer as each of us consider how we can be a part of eliminating our 1st Mortgage debt. This is the original note that the church took out when we originally moved into this location. We will be talking about this during this fall. We are asking the Lord to give us great victory and unity as a church family. What a blessing it will be when we are completely and totally debt free. The funds that we have to spend on interest can then be used for ministry.

It is truly a joy to be your pastor. Thank you for loving the Word of God, for loving Jesus and for loving the lost world. I look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

God bless you,

Pastor Calvin