See What Our Youth Are Up To!

Dear North Central Family,

God has given us some wonderful leaders in our Youth Ministry. I’m so thankful for the team that He has put together to disciple and minister to our students. We are meeting for planning regularly which has yielded some    fantastic youth events recently (Game night, MS Lake Day, Scavenger Hunt, Laser Tag). Our Sunday School Team includes our High School Guys teacher Aubrey Hart and our Girls teacher Christy Hart. Both of the Harts are assisted by others who help them with these classes. The Middle School Girls are taught by Allison Harris and Hailey Weldon. These ladies love these girls. Craig Heitzler is our Middle School Guys teacher. He takes a great interest in these boys’ lives and encourages them regularly.

Matthew and Polly Cheshire have been working with our Middle Schoolers on Wednesday nights. There has been tremendous momentum through Wednesday nights with this group. They are growing! Also, Lauren  Corley, Juan Ibarra, Eli Manley, Jordan Castillo, and myself–along with others helping–have been challenging our High Schoolers in the regular High School Worship service. Wow! These students are having a blast  studying God’s Word and worshipping together. I’m so proud of the work being done by this team. Please don’t let your students miss out on the wonderful discipling that is happening in this group!

Our youth are headed to Super Summer on July 20-24! I was saved at beautiful Lake Yale which is where we are headed for this exciting youth camp! If your     student hasn’t signed up, call us today to get them on board! Brian Burgess of Clayton King Ministries will be our speaker. He will be awesome!

I would like to call on the church family to consider giving a special financial gift for camp this year. Our camp fees are $270 which doesn’t include the counselors registration of $220. If you would like to help us with camp this year, please make a check payable to NCBC and designate it “Youth Camp”. I promise that it will go toward our expenses and will ultimately help our students. We also are helping our students with their expenses by having them put on our “PraiSing” supper. All proceeds will be used to offset our students’ fees.

Don’t miss the Summer nights of July!  July 5—All American night Fellowship: free hot dogs and the famous Apple Pie Baking Contest; July 12—the Spaghetti Supper  and PraiSing; July 19th—The Lord’s Supper; July 26th—VBS Prep night and Prayer meeting.

Our children will have a special time at the Library Circus, scheduled for Saturday, July 18th at 9:30am. This is a wonderful event. Get your children involved in this great summer of reading!

We “Journey Off the Map” on July 27-31st—Vacation Bible School to the Max! What a great week this will be. Don’t miss the opportunity to be involved in a great week of ministry. Get with Karrie Anderson and become involved on our VBS team. We need you!

What a joy to be the Pastor of such a wonderful fellowship of believers. Consider how you will “make disciples” this Fall as we focus our efforts to be effective in God’s Kingdom.




Pastor Calvin