Pastor Calvin’s Heart Is Full

May 2017

Dear Church Family,

My heart is full. I’m writing this article on our 35th wedding anniversary. Kelly was raised here at North Central. I came to North Central and saw her in the college department on a Sunday morning. We met and one of our first dates was to go out sharing our faith and then later we went to the Harvest Festival Banquet together. This church played such a huge role in the beginning of our relationship, our personal discipleship, and our future of ministry. Outside of knowing Jesus personally, I can honestly say that our 35 years together has been the greatest expression of grace that the Lord has ever given me. Kelly is the finest Christian I have ever known.

Speaking of Weddings—Kris Woods, our Youth Pastor is getting married on May 7th! He will be bringing Katarina to Gainesville after their honeymoon and we are so excited for our new couple. You have already been blessed to know this fine young man Kris, and now you will be blessed to know Katarina too! She has a passion for Jesus and will complement Kris’ work in a tremendous way! Congratulations Kris and Katarina!

My heart is full. I made it to 4 of our 5 (I couldn’t drive fast enough!) Love Loud ministry sites last Sunday and WOW!  God did a great work in and through our folks. Thank you to all of our leaders-Steve and Inez Smith, Malcolm Privette, Kris Woods, Chad and Amber Rollins, Lee Anne Privette and Allison Harris. And thank you to YOU-the precious members of North Central who gave your time to share the love of Jesus with others! It was a sight to see!

My heart is full. This past Sunday we laid hands and prayed over 20 college students and leaders who are going to the other side of the world to push back the walls of darkness. How could our hearts not be full? The grace of our Lord has visited us! Now we must commit to praying for these students every day that they are gone! Some are coming back in two weeks and some are staying for six weeks.

My heart is full. Our people will deliver over 1000 pounds of food this Sunday, May 7th for Orange Bucket Sunday. We won’t find out in this life how this food may impact the children of our community, but we know that one cannot give a cup of water in Jesus name without heaven taking notice! Our motive is to minister and love all people because Jesus loves us. We pray that these efforts will build bridges that the gospel will travel over into the lives of the unbelieving world!

My heart is full. We celebrate Mother’s Day on May 14th! All of us have a Mother to love and be thankful for. Some in our church even have Foster mothers who make a huge difference in the lives of the children they have taken in. I’m thankful for my Mom and the influence she had on me. She is in heaven, but hardly a day goes by that I don’t think about her. Kelly is such a wonderful Mother. I’ve witnessed the gigantic love that Moms have for their children. It is special and we will celebrate it on May 14.

My heart is full. We will baptize at the beach on May 28 for our annual Beach Baptism. To baptize new believers is one of the key tasks of the New Testament Church. Don’t miss coming out for the fellowship at Frank Butler Park on Crescent Beach!

My heart is full. To Pastor such a congregation is a privilege. Remember we are asking the Lord to make us a “sending” church. If we send disciples out to plant their lives elsewhere, pushing back lostness, we multiply and make disciples. This is the testimony of this precious fellowship of believers! I am honored to serve our Lord alongside you!



Pastor Calvin