One Example of the Amazing Christian Heritage of North Central Baptist Church

The young college student walked in the door and he immediately felt welcomed and encouraged. As he looked across the room, he noticed dozens and dozens of other college students that were having a great time centered around God’s Word and living their lives for Jesus Christ. This came as a great challenge to this young man. He had left the comforts of his home church and had wondered what life would be like at the gigantic University of Florida. On this young man’s first day of class he attended a mathematics course in Norman Hall. This was an eight hundred seat auditorium where it was expected that you would be there on time for three lectures per week. In addition there were two lab classes where you could receive individual instruction and you were accountable for your exams.

Hello, I’m Calvin Carr, and that college student who came to the University of Florida was me in 1978. This was my experience as a brand new college freshman coming to Gainesville. North Central Baptist became my home away from home.  One of the great things that I have noticed through the years about North Central is its love for people. The great heritage of investing in people’s lives that is prevalent in all that has happened at North Central through the years. My challenge to you as a Christian is this, “What is your legacy going to be? Where will the investment of your life be made?”

As I walked into that college ministry meeting at North Central years ago, I found a place where I fit in. I found a place where people cared about me and they cared about what Jesus thought about life. Little did I know of the impact that North Central would have upon my life, and little did I know that one day I would come back to Pastor this great church.

There have literally been hundreds and hundreds of students and families that have come and gone from the Gainesville who have and had their lives impacted by North Central Baptist Church. There are some on the mission field, there are some that are Pastors all across the country, and there are others who are faithful in their witness for Jesus in all walks of life all over this country.

I pray that we at North Central Baptist Church would take the time to invest in people and love them. I am grateful that North Central made that investment in me, and now I have the opportunity once again to make that investment in others. What about you? Where will you make your life investment?