October 23 // North Central to the Nations

Hey North Central!


I am excited to feature yet another amazing couple that we are connected to here at North Central.  Today I get to share with you about Tim and Tiffany Webel who serve the Lord in South East Asia.  Tim and Tiffany were both members of North Central as college students.  It was during this time that Tiffany had missions first laid on her heart.  She had become a believer while in college, and it was while hearing about the Great Commission through a report being done about a trip that had been taken to South East Asia that she knew God was calling her to missions.  Tim also began to feel that God was calling him into a field outside of what he was studying, but it was not until he served at a church in Hawaii and experienced the lostness of people who had not heard about Jesus before that he really felt God leading him to serve somewhere Christ was not known.


Now the Webels have been serving in South East Asia for 14 years in two different countries.  They are currently serving in an urban setting working with a majority people group trying to plant churches.  They are doing this in an almost entirely Muslim context, where 99% of the people are Muslim.  The authorities of this country keep a very tight grip on the religious activity of these people, which means that the work the Webels are doing cannot be done out in the open.  This can definitely lead to challenges, but it is not without reward.  Additionally, God has granted them an opportunity to equip Aboriginal and Chinese believers that live in S.E Asia, which is an exciting opportunity.


Though ministry has its challenges, Tim and Tiffany have gotten to see God move in some incredible ways, even in this season of COVid!  Towards the end of last year, at the start of the COVid outbreak in their country, they got to see a young lady (we will call her Farah) come to faith in a very non-traditional way.  Farah’s employer brought her to the church that the Webels attend, despite the fact that it was not the employer’s normal church.  Farah was a Muslim, but she had been asking her employer, who is a believer, questions about Jesus.  She was searching and trying to compare Muslim teaching about Jesus with Biblical ones.  Tiffany met her at this service and began to meet with her, sharing her testimony with Farah and answering her questions.  It became evident that God had been working in Farah’s heart for a long time, as she shared that, as a child, she had dreams and struggled to memorize the Quran.  She decided to give her life to Lord, and right before the COVid lockdown hit, Farah was ready to be baptized.  Unfortunately, for a time this delayed her baptism, and eventually the Webels had to return to the US because of their Visa.  Though initially it was discouraging, after a few months Tiffany, in the US, was able to connect Farah to their pastor back in S.E Asia and she was able to be baptized!  Now, Farah has returned to her home country, which is also a primarily Muslim country.  She was courageous enough to share with her family her decision to turn away from Islam and follow Jesus.  God has protected her through this, and her family is not persecuting her, which is an incredible thing.  Please continue to pray for Farah as she grows in her faith in a difficult context!


If you were encouraged by this story and would like to find a way to connect with the Webel family, they would love to have you join their prayer team!  Due to security concerns I cannot directly post the ways to get on their prayer team.  Instead, please email me at meghan@gatorchurch.com with the heading “Webel Family Prayer Team” and I will connect you to this wonderful family!


In Christ,


Meghan Williams

Missions Resident