October 2013

Dear Church Family,


What a joy it was to see two of our precious children walk the aisle on Sunday night to make their public professions of faith in Christ! This is what a church is all about. Recently I had the joy of baptizing three new believers and the church celebrated with a special cake and fellowship. We must continue to do all we can to get the gospel to those who do not know Jesus. I want to encourage you to share your testimony with those around you. Your sphere of influence is your mission field. It involves your work or school world, along with those in your family and the people where you recreate and live. Dear people, we must share with everyone the glorious message of Christ everywhere we go.


I want you to be in prayer for our First Mortgage Debt Elimination Committee. This committee is chaired by Brother Gene Prince. The committee is working to help us develop a strategy to tackle our $1.3 million indebtedness. We are so thankful for the way the Lord has enabled to impact so many in spite of this financial obligation. It is actually amazing what the Lord has done through YOU, the wonderful people of our church, through the Above and Beyond Campaign. I want to ask you to remain steadfast in your commitment to this wonderful program. Every penny given to Above and Beyond over the cost of our new educational building will be reserved for debt retirement. I can’t wait to see that amount just dwindle and dwindle. Once this is paid off, we will have more funds freed up for reaching the people of our world with the glorious gospel message.


If you’ve missed our Sunday night services recently, you’ve missed a tremendous blessing. We are looking at Bible characters under the title: “I they could speak…”, trying to distill the main message of each person’s life. In addition, the special music has been great! We look forward to the children and youth singing in church and others who have wonderful talents. Every service recently we’ve heard from our own members who have shared great testimonies and the one thing that they wanted others to know about the faithfulness of God. Don’t miss the blessing!


These are wonderful days to serve our Lord. Let’s be on the lookout for those who need to know that Jesus is real!


It is a joy to be your Pastor,


Pastor Calvin