November Happenings!

The Unhindered Campaign is on the verge of an incredible beginning! This Campaign is the result of a 5 year process to build our church an educational building and retire all of our existing debt. We are on course to do it! The Unhindered Campaign is focused on eliminating our one and only mortgage!

It will take all of us being a part of the campaign for us to see this through. You are important to the life of this church fellowship. The Bible says, “Two are better than one.” Ecclesiastes 4:9. We can do more together than we can individually. We are asking our people to pray under the theme: Not Equal Gifts, but Equal Sacrifice. Very important events in the life of our church family are happening in November. Special Unhindered Campaign Events include:

  1. Friday, November 7 and Saturday, November 8—is the 24 hour prayer event for the Unhindered Campaign. If you have not signed up, please pick you out a 30 minute time slot for prayer.
  2. Sunday, November 9th is the Unhindered Commitment event. This will be a glorious service of worship. Following worship, we will have a wonderful lunch together. Mrs. Ann and Mr. Ben will prepare this lunch for the church family. We love them and love what they cook us!
  3. Sunday, November 23rd is First Fruits Sunday. This is the day that we begin giving to the new Unhindered Campaign! That evening, all of our cooks will bring their favorite salads, vegetables, and casseroles (meat provided by church) to share with the church family for our annual Harvest Festival Banquet. Brother Bobby Welch will be our speaker for this wonderful event. Dr. Welch was the longtime pastor of the First Baptist Church of Daytona Beach, Florida and a wonderful preacher! You won’t want to miss this special time of blessing as we celebrate God’s bountiful blessings on this fellowship of believers!


It is truly a joy to be your Pastor. Our Savior is powerful! He is wonderful! He is faithful! And He has infused this church with so many blessings! May God’s grace continue in this precious fellowship of believers!


Pastor Calvin