Movie, Fireproof, Opens at No. 4 Nationwide

The Gainesville Sun ran a New York Times article today that highlighted the accomplishment and success of the new movie Fireproof. The story is of a young firefighter who works hard saving the lives of those in danger, while losing his own marriage. Caleb Holt (played by Kirk Cameron) is challenged by his own father to take the “Love Dare” and invest in his marriage. He attempts to invest unconditional love in his marriage in hopes of salvaging his relationship with his wife who is seeking divorce.

Kelly and I and three of our children went to see it this past Friday night.  Almost every seat was taken in the theatre.  We found ourselves laughing and crying throughout the film.  All of us came away realizing the treasure of marriage.

Some thoughts come to mind as I think about this film.

First, congratulations to Alex and Stephen Kendrick, brothers, 38 and 35, who followed their dream to write, and produce films that communicate the Christian message in a quality way.  This is their third film.  Flywheel and Facing the Giants are their other two movies.  I highly recommend Facing the Giants.  The Sun Article noted that the budget for Fireproof was only $500,000 and on the first weekend of its showing it grossed $6.5 million in ticket sales.  The Kendrick brothers challenge us all to take the gifts and talents and dreams that we have and give them to Jesus, asking Him to use us to make an impact for the gospel.  What is it that you could give to the Lord that He could use for His glory?

Second, I applaud Kirk Cameron, former star of television’s Growing Pains, who donated his talent to make the film a success.  Cameron said, “I’m not on a professional crusade to inject Jesus Christ into every project that I do, but when a good project comes up that is about marriage and is based on what I think is really going to help marriages, and is worthwhile, I’ll jump in with both feet.”  I am thankful for an actor with the guts to get involved with a project that unashamedly comes at you with a Christian message.

Third, I applaud Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia and its pastor Dr. Michael Catt.  This church has backed the movie efforts of the Kendrick brothers and even enlisted its members to donate their acting skills for the movies.  May there be more churches that engage the culture as Sherwood has done.  Sherwood Pictures is a challenge to all who need an example of becoming “salt and light” in this generation.

I wholeheartedly recommend this film for our church members and Christians everywhere.  It will challenge you to love your mate unconditionally.  Why don’t you consider taking someone with you who would benefit from its message?

See you at the Movies!!