Merry Christmas!

Dear Church Family,

Christmas! Is there anything like it in all the world? This is one of my absolute favorite times of the year. I think about the greatest gift of all–the Lord Jesus. I think about how the world is so open now to hear the Christmas Story.

At North Central, we are blessed with special events and parties that are centered on Jesus. Our church family wants to provide hope and encouragement to all–especially the precious children who need to know that baby Jesus wants to be their savior! Look at these exciting Sundays:

December 4—AM—The Shepherds—The Wonder of Christmas

PM—Children’s Special Music and Victor Nickerson preaching

December 11—AM—The Magi—The Wisdom of Christmas

PM—The Gift of Christmas—A Christmas Dinner Theatre

December 18—AM—Joseph and Mary—The Strength and Heart of Christmas

PM—A Smokey Mountain Christmas with the Privette Family

December 24—6PM—The Annual Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

December 25—9:30AM- The Lord Jesus Christ—The Purpose of Christmas!

Don’t miss the Sunday morning worship on Christmas morning. We will not have Sunday School meetings-just one exciting worship celebration on Christmas Morning centered on the baby in the manger—Jesus!

In addition to these services above our wonderful Sunday School teachers will be sharing in Bible study each week (except on the 25th) and your place is reserved on Wednesday nights and at Christmas parties and fellowships (check the schedule for meeting times and locations).

I’m particularly grateful that our church has adopted several local children in an effort to get presents for them under their Christmas trees! Thank you church family for leading out in this loving effort!

Our Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal is $20,000.00. North Central is a missions minded church! We give generously to this offering because 100%  of it goes to the International Mission Board of the SBC to introduce the people of the world to the Savior—Our Lord Jesus! This offering supports over 5000 missionaries and their gospel effort.

I want to say thank you for being a wonderful church family. I feel like the most blessed Pastor in the world. I’m thankful for our fabulous staff. These folks do a fantastic job in their area. It is truly a joy to work with each of them. And then I think of you-the precious believers that make up this fellowship. We all have much to be thankful for. I think about the Above and Beyond Campaign. Over $223,000.00 given which represents over 30% of all of our 3 year commitments has been given in just eight months. This is truly miraculous New Testament grace giving for which we must all be thankful. We look forward to a recommendation soon from our committee related to our future educational building. We are truly a blessed people.

I want to remind you that there are some who hurt during these holidays. The special times remind them of days long gone when things seemed happier. Perhaps they lost a loved one this year, or heard bad news that has affected them. Let’s be sensitive and mindful so that we can encourage those that need a good word of hope. The real message of Christmas is infinitely more important than gifts received, and even good family time. It is the message that Jesus came to this earth to provide healing and reconciliation between God and man. We are the broken ones, ruined by our sin and rebellion and in God’s mercy; Jesus loved and gave Himself for us on the Cross. Why don’t you find someone to share this awesome story with today? If you do, you will spread the message of Christmas.

The Joy of the Christmas Season! I’m so glad I have the blessing of spending it with you—the wonderful fellowship of believers here at North Central!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Calvin