May 22 North Central to the Nations Update





I wanted to take time today to highlight Sira, the amazing pregnancy center we support, and share some neat stories about how God is using this ministry for His glory in our community.  Their vision is for women and men to embrace life, walk in freedom, and positively impact their community.  Central to Sira’s vision is the belief that parents and the family unit are critically important and the unborn are created in the image of God with specific plans and purposes, thus deserving protection.  Compassion plays a critical role in the way they serve their clients as Sira strives to pass on the love and freedom of Christ, offering them grace and hope through Jesus.  Their desire is for clients to share with their community what they learn and know as a result of their time with Sira, including truth and standards for living.

Sira offers its clients a variety of free services including pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, and STI testing for both women and men.  They aim to not just help people make decisions for life, but to also equip them for that decision through Life Skills courses about things like parenting, financial success, anger management, dating and marriage, and personal loss.  Sira counsels women with the goal of immediate help and hope, speaking into their emotional, practical, and spiritual needs.  They talk their clients through decisions and the consequences of decisions, all the while affirming their unique value to God, their families, and their community.  Another aspect of offering love and second chances to these clients is shown through classes offered for men and women who have chosen abortion in the past and are struggling with that decision, or for those that have difficult sexual pasts and are in need of healing and restoration from past decisions or abuses.  They aim to show each client the love that Jesus would have them shown, and every person who is willing has the gospel shared with them and is offered the opportunity to make a salvation decision.


I really love the heart this organization has for people.  Sira seeks to help them understand that they were created by a loving God for specific plans and purposes, and that God’s love is unconditional, no matter their past.  They want each person to see that they were fearfully and wonderfully made, and help those that are expecting to understand that their unborn child also has that value and purpose.  It is amazing to hear some of the stories of transformation and restoration that have come out of this ministry.  Kathy Gratto, the director of Sira, shared with me about two women over the past week who made the decision to make Jesus Lord of their lives and get plugged into a local church through their counseling sessions.  One of these women initially tried to go to an abortion clinic, but they would not see her because she only wanted a pregnancy test.  She headed to Planned Parenthood, only to see the Sira sign and instead call there for an appointment.  She was able to be seen immediately and during that first counseling session made the decision to accept Christ.  What a joy to hear about this new sister in Christ and the way that God moved for her to experience His love through this awesome ministry.

If this type of ministry is something that tugs at your heart, there are several ways you can be involved.  Sira relies heavily on volunteers, both men and women, in order to offer their services.  Male volunteers are critical to promoting the man’s role in the family for the partners of their clients, and women are critical in order to help counsel and serve the women that come in.  They will be having a volunteer training in the fall for both men and women, so if you would like to get more directly involved, shoot me an email at and I can get you connected!  Prayer is also a HUGE way to support this ministry.  Sira has recently decided to continue in faith and help support our local economy with plans to build a meeting room onto their building, in addition to reconfiguring office space, creating a new entrance and accessibility ramp, a new roof, parking lot resurfacing, fence replacement, and electrical updates.  Prayer for the necessary funding for all of this is needed.  Please also pray for wisdom, courage, confidence, and rest for the volunteers.  Each story that they hear comes home with them, which can be both draining and exciting.  Also pray for many more opportunities for the gospel to be shared and lives to be saved!  Finally, pray for the new believers in Jesus. Pray that they would grow in their knowledge and love of Christ, and that they would be protected from the enemy!


In Christ,

Meghan Williams

Missions Resident