March Lifeline

I am very thankful for the 41 people
who are involved in our Strategy for
Souls Evangelism Equipping Ministry.
Just into our second week we have
already seen one precious soul come
into the Kingdom! As we sow the seed
of the gospel & water it with love &
care, I believe that many will be converted
by the Lord. Let me ask our
church family to pray for those going
out each week. Remember this is not simply a group of
people learning how to share their faith. We each desire
to obey scripture in fulfillment of 2 Timothy 2:2 by discipling
witnesses who will disciple others. Spiritual reproduction is
the goal! The “hot house” of spiritual growth is evangelism.
All of the men of North Central & our guests are invited to
the Men’s Fish Fry scheduled for Friday night, March 20 at
6:30pm. What is better than fried fish, hush puppies, & all
the fixing’s? The fish will be great, but the fellowship, centered
on Jesus, will be even better. The fellowship that
men experience centered on the gospel of Jesus is very
special & challenging. I want to encourage all of our men
to buy a ticket for an unchurched man that you can
bring. This will be a great event to introduce him to North
Central. Tickets are just $4 & are available in Sunday
Ladies, you have a retreat coming up April 24th & 25th. I
am really excited about this special time for you that is
centered around the Anne Graham Lotz Conference in
Jacksonville, Florida. Anne Graham Lotz is the daughter of
Evangelist Billy Graham & has been used of the Lord in a
phenomenal way with women all over this country.
Women are packing auditoriums to hear her encouraging
message of total commitment to Christ. You don’t want
to miss this.
We are showing a movie on Sunday night, March 29th
from 5-7pm in the main auditorium. Fireproof is the name
of the film that was produced by the Sherwood Baptist
Church in Albany, Ga. This is one of the most powerful
Christian Films that I have ever seen. We are doing this to
give you an opportunity to invite unchurched people to
hear the gospel. I promise you, the gospel is powerfully
presented in this film. I will share following the film as well.
The film’s plot centers on the marriage relationship. Believers
will be encouraged & challenged to do whatever is
necessary to strengthen their marriages. Our church will
be offering a seven week Bible study follow up course
that will begin in April for all those interested. I believe this
will be a wonderful night for all marriages & those
unchurched individuals that are invited.
I look forward to our children’s music recital scheduled for
Sunday night, March 15th. This is always a highlight for the
It is a joy to be your pastor. The Lord continues to bless us
in unusual & special ways. Oh yes, one more thing. I want
you to pray about giving sacrificially to our Seminary
Scholarship Fund. As you know we just gave our church
approval to 3 future seminary students who are coming
right out of our church! There will be more to come, I
pray! I want us to raise $30,000.00 to help us bring this fund
up to where it needs to be. We will take a special offering
on Easter Sunday. Pray about what you are to give to
help send the next generation to push back the walls of