March 26th // North Central to the Nations

Hey North Central!


We as a church have so much going on in the realm of missions, and it is so exciting! One of the exciting ways that this is happening is through our partnership with the BCM.  Many of our North Central Students are utilizing their summers to bring the Gospel to the nations. Over the next few weeks, Janna and I will be introducing you to these teams.  Our hope is that this wonderful NCBC family will pick up their prayer cards (physical copies will be available at the back of the church) and adopt a team to be praying for now and through the summer as these awesome students prepare for their summers abroad.


This week, I am excited to introduce you to our Central Asia 1 team! This group of students will be going and serving in the very place that North Central’s Central Asia Partnership is. We are so thrilled to be able to send a team there, and are excited for what they are going to do! Three of these students (Hannah, Addam, and Coral) attend North Central, and Mitchell is a faithful member of Aletheia.  All four of these students have a huge heart for the Lord and for lost people.  Please be praying for Coral, Addam, Hannah, and Mitchell as they prepare to go this summer. If you would like to receive updates from this team throughout the summer, email me at and I will get you connected with them.  Enjoy the fun facts and prayer requests below!


In Christ,


Meghan Williams
NCBC Missions Resident