June 19 North Central to the Nations Update

Hello wonderful church family,

Despite the series of events that have occurred over the past few months, ministry in and through our church has continued. We have been impacting the Kingdom locally, nationally, and globally as a congregation, a fact that I greatly rejoice in. North Central College Ministry is one such ministry that, while changed by the Coronavirus, has not stopped impacting the world for Christ. This week we will look into what NCBC College has been up to, and how we can be partnering with them as they look towards fall outreach.

Like most aspects of our church fellowship, one of the biggest shifts that the ministry has experienced was moving Life Groups to an online format. Though thankful for the technological means to stay in contact with one another, many students are struggling with Zoom fatigue and are eager to begin meeting in person. One major blessing of this shift, however, has been the access our college students have to the wisdom of other people from all across the country! They will be hearing from wise, godly people throughout the summer via Zoom, including a church planter in California, a Campus Minister in New Mexico, and missionaries that are stateside due to COVID.

God has clearly been at work throughout the summer, as evidenced by the large numbers of NCBC students participating in Project Florida, an intensive summer training program. Through this project, our students are getting training to help equip them for ministry both in the Fall and also throughout the rest of their lives. It has been so encouraging seeing the character and skill development that is happening in their lives! God is not just at work in the hearts of believing students, however. Just last week a precious student gave her life to Jesus, and there are many others that are connected to this community who have not yet made that decision, but are exploring who Jesus is and what that means for them. We serve a faithful and powerful God!

As we approach the semester start in the fall, there are ways that you, as our church family, can also be involved in reaching college students. One way is through prayer! Please faithfully pray that God will raise up laborers (Luke 10:2), that He will develop the college ministry however He sees fit (Psalm 127:1-2), that Jesus will be the focus (Hebrews 12:2), and for the fall outreach to bear much fruit (John 15:8, 16). Another way is through signing up for the Adopt a Student program in order to build relationships with students that we connect with. Having been a college student fairly recently myself, I can attest to the power of being loved by a family and getting to have older, wiser people to talk to while being away from home. If this is something God is laying on your heart to do, go ahead and contact Kurt at kurtshiver@gmail.com!

We have so many awesome things going on in our church right now. I am so looking forward to sharing even more ways that we are on mission in the coming weeks. If you are interested in becoming involved in a specific ministry, or looking to start a new one, please contact me at meghan@gatorchurch.com. I would love to come alongside you to the best of my ability as together we seek to declare God’s glory among the nations!

In Christ,

Meghan Williams Missions Resident