January Lifeline

Excitement is in the air! Our dual Sunday schools begin January the 4th. Many of you indicated you were interested and excited about coming to our 8:15 am Sunday school which will begin on Sunday, January the 4th. We have a special surprise for the early risers! I want you to know that we need you to be faithful in this early morning Sunday school to make room for all who may come not only at 8:15, but also at 10:55. We have enlisted a wonderful group of Bible teachers for both of our Sunday school hours. Brother Zach Allen has done a masterful job along with all of our directors in enlisting this core group of leaders. Some of you may be stepping out in leadership for the very first time. I applaud you for taking the risk to be a leader for Jesus Christ. I believe the Lord will bless you and will show you that you are equipped and ready to lead others to know Christ and to make Him known. Our passion is to know Christ, our purpose is to make Him known, and that is exactly what we will do in 2009 through our dual Sunday school hours.

We will all worship together! During the 9:30 hour, we will all come together and worship the Lord. This new schedule may cause some wrinkles logistically, but that’s ok, we will iron them all out and celebrate the risen Christ as a church family all together. It will be wonderful. Why not begin inviting your friends, family, and coworkers to be a part of what the Lord is doing at North Central. All research indicates that a personal invitation is the number one reason people visit a church. Your invitation is vital to those around you coming to our fellowship. I encourage you to reach out through your sphere of influence.

I’m looking forward to beginning a brand new series on January 4th in the book of Acts. The book of Acts is the story of the early church. It is an amazing story of how the Holy Spirit entered into the hearts and lives of brand new believers and empowered them to change the world. Our church is literally on the receiving end of the commitment of these early believers in Jesus Christ.

We are grateful and thankful that the Lord has brought us through a wonderful year in 2008. Our challenge will be to continue reaching people for Christ in the days ahead. Beginning in late January, I would like to challenge our people to help us begin an evangelism equipping ministry that will enable us to reach lost people for Christ in an even more effective way. Monday night visitation is an important evening of ministry for all staff, deacons, Sunday school leadership and members. I encourage you to be a part of our evangelism equipping ministry that will not only provide intentional training, but will help us in our discipling efforts. I look forward to sharing this with you in the days ahead.

We want to welcome our college students back from the Christmas holidays. Let’s make every effort to reach out to all college students, some of which may be visiting us for the very first time.

The beginning of a new year is a time to reflect upon last year and to set goals for the new year. Let’s ask the Lord to help us renew our commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ. This has always been the emphasis at North Central and it will continue to be. I’m thankful to pastor a people with a heart for each other, a love for the lost, and a desire to worship our risen Savior.


Calvin J. Carr