He is Alive!

I marvel at the impact of the body of Christ. Last week I had the privilege of baptizing two of our young men who recently trusted Christ as Lord and Savior. They were among 12 who trusted Jesus in the morning service on March 18. Most of these came as a result of a personal invitation. We have work to do to follow up on these special folks who need the watchcare and encouragement of our church family.

Connecting our Community to Christ and the Church is what we are calling our C4 Emphasis. We have five C4 Sundays that are coming up and I would like to highlight them for you, with the purpose of challenging us all to invest in others for the gospel’s sake.

1. April 8 is our Easter Celebration! On this day I will bring a message entitled: “A Guilty Man Goes Free”. In scripture we find a powerful story of sacrifice and redemption. I hope to share this with you and your family and friends on Easter Sunday. The Music will be wonderful on this day! Our Celebration Choir and Orchestra is preparing special music for this day. We also will have special children’s activities that they will love and will also have a photo station set up to capture a family Easter pic for you—free of charge!  Don’t miss Easter at North Central!

2. April 15th our wonderful Sunday School will be hosting a Snack Breakfast fellowship for our church family in the classes. Both the 8:15 and the 10:55 Sunday school groups will have special fellowship.  We will begin a study in Nehemiah on Leadership in the church on this special day.

3. April 22nd our Celebration Choir and Orchestra will present the musical “You are Holy”. This musical is designed for encouragement for the church and an opportunity to bring someone needing encouragement. Let’s get someone on our heart that we can invite to hear the gospel. I will share the clear gospel message at the conclusion of the musical presentation on this day.

4. April 29th is Orange Bucket Sunday! On this day our folks will be challenged to bring buckets full of food items that will be given to needy families in our community. We are giving this food to Hidden Oak Elementary School to distribute to the families that they have identified who will need extra help during the summer months. We have a partnership with Hidden Oak and this will be a great blessing to them. You can get your bucket for just $2 beginning on Easter Sunday. I encourage each person/family to make a difference by participating in orange bucket Sunday! When you get your bucket a flyer will be in it to tell you what is needed for the families. (estimated cost $20-$25). This will give us some time to fill it so we can bring it back to church on the 29th—Orange Bucket Sunday!

5. May 6 is a church-wide lunch celebrating our Above and Beyond 1st Anniversary! Mr. Ben and Mrs. Ann will fix us a wonderful lunch we will rejoice in all that the Lord has done in our Above and Beyond Campaign. We will also give out the pics that were taken at Groundbreaking Sunday! Every family gets one!

What a joy to serve the Lord with you! I want to encourage you to be involved in each of these C4 events over the next 5 Sundays! God wants to use us to make a difference in our community for the Gospel!

It is a joy to be your Pastor!

Pastor Calvin