Happy Thanksgiving!

This coming Sunday, November 4th we will participate in the beautiful observance of the Lord’s Supper. This is a service that the Lord Jesus gave to the church. In this service we remember the broken body and shed blood of the Lord. This incredible conquering of sin, death and the grave was accomplished on our behalf. The Lord’s Supper service is an opportunity for the church family to come together in special worship. Don’t miss this awesome time together.


Congratulations to Karrie Anderson and Jerre Carr for November employment anniversaries! Karrie has served so faithfully as our Preschool and Children’s Director. She began on November 2, 2005, thus making this her 7th Anniversary. She does a fantastic job. Take time to thank her. Jerre has served for one year on our set up team as of November 1st. We thank the Lord for Jerre’s faithful, hard work in getting our facility ready for many different events.


I finish the messages in the series; “Render unto Caesar” this coming Sunday morning. I want to encourage all of our folks to vote. It is your God given stewardship of influence to let your voice be heard. There are many places in the world that don’t have free and fair elections. The United States of America is a place that just one person can make a difference. That difference is made ultimately by your vote. We are to “render” our duty and participate in our governmental process. Vote on Tuesday, November 6th.


Wear Your Colors Day is Sunday, November 11. On this morning, make sure you wear the colors of your favorite team. It is UF’s Homecoming Weekend and this has been one of our fun events of the fall. We have seen High School colors, colors from many of the SEC schools and even others! It’s always a blast to see what schools will make their presence known!


On November 18th at 6pm we will all gather for our church wide annual Harvest Festival Banquet. Ann and Ben Davis supply the meat through our hospitality ministry and the congregation provides all that goes with it. I love events like this. It is like “dinner on the grounds.” Wonderful fellowship and Spiritual encouragement make this a must attend event at North Central. We have been having this night together for decades. As we move toward the Harvest Festival, think about all of the blessings of the past year. Think of the blessings on your family and our church. God has showered his best upon us as a church family.


We continue to praise our Lord for the progress on the new Educational Building. We hope to occupy the building by the end of December. What a blessing this building will be. Let me ask you to pray about how our schedule might need to change, once we get the building, to reach more people for Christ. It is our goal to make our schedule the most advantageous in winning and reaching those that need Jesus.


It is truly a joy to be your Pastor.


Pastor Calvin