Happy New Year!

Dear Church Family,

We all love new things! Now we have a new year!

This New Year will be strategic in the life and growth of our church family. We have been working as a church to add educational space to our facilities. In December 2011, the church family voted to give the green light to the building committee to proceed with the construction of a 16 classroom facility that will greatly enhance our effectiveness in reaching and teaching people for Christ. All of this is contingent on the assurance that the church will not incur any long term debt for this facility. We will engage in interim financing for the purpose of avoiding added costs associated with delaying. We will spend our own cash and only borrow in the interim to keep construction moving with the intention of paying it all off before our Above and Beyond Campaign ends. Our people have proven their excitement by their miraculous giving to the Above and Beyond Campaign. To date our folks have given $239,655.14 to this effort in just nine months. In addition, our budget offerings have grown at a greater pace than in the 3 previous years—All of this in an economic downturn! Folks, this is nothing short of a miracle in our church life. God’s people at North Central, we are blessed beyond measure.

As exciting as these financial miracles are, we must not forget that we are first and foremost committed to following the Great Commission of our Lord. Jesus didn’t commission us to build buildings. Buildings are tools in the hands of the Lord to enhance something that Jesus is most passionate about—making disciples. We are to go after people. Folks, we are in the people business. How have we grown without this building? By loving people and telling them about the grace offered to them by Christ. If we build a building and lose our love for lost people and each other, we’ve lost the heart of the gospel message. I’m committed more than ever to equipping us to be effective in loving our lost friends and neighbors to Christ. We must love each other and pray for one another. We need our new building to give us a more effective place to teach God’s Word to the folks that we reach. This is why we are so excited about our new educational building. This new tool will only be effective as we continue to obey the Great Commission of our Lord.

Some dates that I want to highlight for you in January.

Men’s Breakfast on January 14! Our men love to get together for encouragement. Mark it down men!

Celebration Choir and Orchestra Retreat on January 20-21.

Don’t forget the election on January 31. I don’t know if there has ever been a more important time for Americans to vote than in this year’s presidential election. If you are not registered, be reminded that it is your Christian duty to stand up for Godly principles and government in our country. If God’s people would stand up for right, much of the mess that government has gotten us into could be changed. We Christians are to blame if we don’t take our stand for righteousness! I exhort you to register to vote and vote for Godly candidates!

It is truly an honor and privilege to be a Pastor. To be your Pastor is icing on the cake!

I Love You,

Pastor Calvin