Happy Easter!

Dear Church Family,

Join us for Easter Sunday, April 16 for a special morning celebrating the risen Savior! I will be sharing a message from the Old Testament (yes you read that right!) that is a powerful story of redemption. The title is “It’s Easter-Pass the Biscuits!” We will be having an Easter morning biscuit breakfast for the whole family right before our Life Groups meet. Come a little early (9:15 am) to pick up a Bojangles biscuit (we’ll have good stuff to go on them) and coffee or juice on your way to your groups! This is a perfect Sunday to bring someone with you! Please use the little invite cards that have a map on the back to invite your friends. The music will be glorious! The Bible study encouraging as we gather on this special day.

We have 4 unique Sundays planned for you to come and bring your friends. We call them C4 events- “Connecting our Community to Christ and His Church.” Look at what is happening:

April 23–“One Week Later…” This is a unique service in response to the truth of the resurrection that we will have just celebrated one week prior. This service will feature special worship elements that we use less frequently in our services. It will also incorporate the Lord’s Supper which is normally on a Sunday night. Don’t miss this!

April 30–Love Loud: Do you have a desire to make a difference in our community? Do you want to get involved in a hands-on type of ministry? I pray that all of our people will plug into one of 5 special ministries that will be taking place on this evening. These ministry opportunities will be spelled out for you elsewhere in this Lifeline. You will have opportunities to sign up on April 9 in the morning service and through your Life Group and the world map table. Get on the list early so we can organize and pray for effectiveness.

May 7–Orange Bucket Sunday: I marvel at the amount of help our folks have given to the Food 4 Kids program that helps school children in Alachua County. We have a partnership with Hidden Oak Elementary and some of this will actually help those children. Pick up your Orange Bucket on Easter Sunday and bring it back to our morning service on May 7.

May 14– Mother’s Day 2017!  Bring your Mom to church! Special Photos with Mom will be provided. Make sure and get to the photo booth to have this special memory of this day with the people of God gathered for worship. I lost my Mom 23 years ago and I cherish the memories of being with her in church. Don’t miss the opportunity to have your family together on this special day!

I want to ask the church family to be praying fervently and particularly for our Southeast Asia Mission Team that is headed out on May 1st. Eighteen college students and leaders are giving their break to pioneer the gospel to people who need to hear. The majority of our team are staying for 2 weeks but there are 5 who are staying for 6 weeks. This will be life-changing for our students and for those they will meet. Pray for Matt as he leads this trip. He does a great job of strategically planning and leading. Garrett Garcia is taking a leadership role in this trip also and for this we are grateful. Even with all of the logistics and strategy in place, these students need the backing in prayer from a church family that sacrificially invests in going to the throne of Almighty God on their behalf. I trust that you will take this responsibility with joy as we watch our North Central family spread the gospel to the ends of the earth!

Read the New Testament book of Acts! You’ll find a church that is celebrating the resurrection, impacting their community of neighbors, and sending people to other places where the gospel has never been heard. I’m grateful that it sounds somewhat like our April and May at North Central! But before we celebrate too quickly, let’s realize that there are so many more under our sphere of influence that we must go and tell. Why not get someone on your heart? Pick them up on Easter Sunday. Bring them with you so that they can hear the greatest truth that has fallen on the ears of man: “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

It’s Easter! –Pass the Biscuits!

Pastor Calvin