Groundbreaking for our New Educational Facility!

Dear Church Family,

The Lord is blessing our church family during these days. I rejoice in the recent baptism of two of our elementary age children who have come to know Jesus. We are constantly reminded of the importance of winning people to Jesus. Not only must we win them, but we must disciple them to know and love Jesus.

Our Groundbreaking service is March 4th. We will have a wonderful time together on this historic day. We will baptize and partake of the Lord’s Supper before we exit the auditorium to break ground on the site. Don’t miss the picture that we will take together outside. This will be the first thing we do once we dismiss the service. Paul Privette has agreed to take the picture from the roof of the auditorium! This will be a historic picture as we all gather together! Don’t forget to bring your shovel! Following the picture, groundbreaking, and prayer, we will all proceed to the Bible Study hour as usual.

Connexion Sunday is March 18th. Rev. Tim Williams will be with us in both the morning and the evening services. Connexion day is designed to connect people to Jesus Christ and His church. We are having “High Attendance Day”  in our Bible Study classes. Every class has set goals for this big day. Breakfast in the class rooms await you and your guests. All of us are participating. Don’t miss it! There will also be special activities for youth at 4:30pm and for the college ministry following the evening service. Let’s bathe Connexion Day in our prayers. We are fasting and praying on Fridays at lunch on March 2, 9, and 16th and using that time to pray for many to connect to Christ and His church. Won’t you join us in this prayer effort?

Congratulations to Rev. Michael Anderson on his anniversary as our Associate Pastor of Worship. February marked his 6th year that he has been back with us since seminary days! For 5 of those years he has been in a part time capacity. I am thankful that he is now full time and that the Lord gave me such a fine brother to serve on this wonderful staff team. Congratulate Michael and Karrie and let them know how much we love them.


Pastor Calvin