February Lifeline

I hope this issue of the February Lifeline
finds you & your family doing well.
Acts-The Expansion of the Gospel, our
series in the book of Acts is going well.
We are learning principles for growing
new believers & growing our church
family. It is remarkable to watch the
early church form & grow in the book
of Acts.
Our new early morning Sunday school has been fabulous.
One Sunday, almost half of the group that came to the
early morning Sunday school had lunch at Sonnys. They
got in early & they got out early, making for a longer Sunday
nap! We’re thankful for all of the leadership that has
been enlisted for this early morning Sunday school &
we’re also thankful for those that are involved in sharing in
our 10:55 am Sunday school as well.
Strategy for Souls, Sharing the Good News of Jesus, begins
on Monday night, February the 16th. This is an evangelism
training program that will be geared to fulfill two mandates
from scripture. The first is an evangelistic mandate &
the second is a discipleship mandate. I’m asking for our
soul winners, those that know & understand how to share
Christ, to line up two trainees that they can teach & train
in evangelism. We will have a brief class from 6:15 – 6:45
pm on Monday nights, & then we will go out & share the
Gospel, making at least two visits, attempting to share
Jesus with those that need Christ. Strategy for Souls will
enable us to share with the over 200 prospects that we’ve
had in the last 12 months. These are folks that have visited
one of our services.
We will have our first Men’s Breakfast of 2009 on Saturday,
February the 7th. We will begin at 8:30 & end by 10:00 am.
Men, this is our opportunity to get a good hearty breakfast
on Saturday morning, & a good time of fellowship,
one with another. I encourage you to be a part of this
special time. I look forward to it.
Our Upward Soccer Registration is just around the corner.
The registration deadline will be fast approaching. Please
contact our office at 373-3341 to find out details about
how you can sign your children up for Upward Soccer
that will take place here at North Central. We look forward
to a great season.
The month of January has flown by–already 1/12th of 2009
is over! It’s exciting to see God mobilize our church in
reaching people for Christ. I look forward to the days