February 26 // North Central to the Nations

Greeting North Central!


This week we are taking a little different of an approach to North Central to the Nations. Usually, I like to highlight a ministry or an individual that we are a church support. This week, however, I would like to highlight a resource for families that offers creative ideas for you and your family to live on mission. One of our goals at North Central is to be a multiplying ministry of globally minded Christians, and our children are certainly an important key to this.


The Big Story Series, found for free on www.weavefamily.org is an incredible resource made for families to explore God’s word, world, and work. There are 3 free PDF’s that you can download.  The first is One Big Story, which walks you through what God’s word says about the nations through 52 family devotionals. Each one has hands on activities, discussion questions, and prayer prompts to help engage your children in God’s story. The second is One Big Vision, which teaches about unreached people groups in the world. This is done through stories and coloring pages highlighting children around the world, teaching about their culture and beliefs, and sharing how to pray for them. Finally, there is One Big Adventure, which shares different ways that you as a family can live on mission. You can find each of these awesome resources here: https://weavefamily.org/big-story-series/


These are such great ways to engage your children with God’s mission! I hope you find these resources helpful as we seek to continue raising up world Christian’s of all ages at North Central. If you have any questions, or would like to share stories of the way your family is living on mission, I would love to hear from you! Shoot me an email at meghan@gatorchurch.com.


In Christ,


Meghan Williams

Missions Resident