February 12 // North Central to the Nations


This week’s edition of NCBC to the Nations is especially near and dear to my heart as I get to introduce you to my dear friend, now co-worker, Janna Josafat. Janna graduated from UF in December of 2020 with a degree in entomology and nematology with an emphasis on biosecurity. Now that she has graduated, Janna is going to be serving at North Central as a second missions resident while simultaneously working with students at the BCM.

Janna hails from Jacksonville, Florida. She grew up in Church and came to know Jesus as a child, but did not fully understand what it meant to have a relationship with Him, having a more works based view on God. When Janna came to college she got plugged into the BCM, and it was there that someone really began to invest in her and help her understand what it really meant to be a follower of Jesus. While in college, Janna began attending North Central at the invite of Alexa Hudson (then Ide) and has now been a member of our church for almost 4 years.

Janna’s college years were so impactful on her spiritual walk that it led to her deciding to enter vocational ministry. It was through college that she really began to walk with the Lord, and now God has burdened her heart to invest in students at this pivotal point in their life just as she was invested in. Now she has the chance to do this through discipling and training college students in order to equip them to be life long laborers for Christ.

There are many challenges associated with college ministry, especially in the present state of the world. Pray for Janna and her team as they seek to reach students in the dorm. Pray for an openness in student’s to meet new people and engage in spiritual conversations. Pray for health among the team as they labor for Christ. Finally, pray for Janna as she embarks on her first year of full time ministry!

Aside from prayer, one of the biggest ways you can help and partner with Janna is simply getting to know her! She loves people, and really wants to develop relationships with those who are praying for her. If you would like to reach out and get to know Janna, you can send her an email at jannajosafat@yahoo.com. I love this awesome girl, and I hope you will enjoy getting to know her too!


In Christ,

Meghan Williams

Missions Resident