Fall Activities Are Starting!

Dear North Central Family,

Small groups are important in the life of the body of Christ. This is where we get to minister to our fellow believers, where we study the Scripture together and reach out to others. Our small group Bible studies take place on Sunday mornings alongside the Worship Service. It is important that every member of North Central Baptist Church is involved in a small group. If you are not involved in one of these Bible studies, why not start this month? The new school year begins on August 24th and this month would be a fantastic time to get involved. We have wonderful teachers, wonderful Bible study materials, and great fellowship. I believe that we need to “turn up the dial” on the fellowship aspect of our small group ministry. Many in our world are retreating to social media and really never get to know others. We need to let down the walls and build communities of love and outreach to minister to those who need Christ. Just know this: It is the expectation of our church family that EVERYONE finds the loving group where they feel they belong. We are committed to that. Visit Information Central this Sunday to find out your options for a small group.

We look forward to hundreds of college students returning to the University and to Santa Fe on the weekend of August 23rd. We have some special events planned for our new and returning students. On Friday night, August 21st, we will host the BCM Progressive Dinner for all college students. This is our opportunity to love and reach out to brand new students before they even start classes. Then, we have 4 special lunches planned for the 23rd, 30th, Sept. 6th, and 13th. Let’s invite every college student possible to these awesome events.

We will have a special Missions Sunday on August 30th. Josh and Amy Bowman, IMB personell to South Asia. They will be sharing testimonies on Sunday morning and Josh will be preaching in our evening Service.

Don’t miss Wednesday night, August 26th. This is the night we launch our Wednesday Night Supper, Prayer Meeting at 4pm, AWANA ministry for children, Fall youth ministry and Conversational English Partners for Internationals. Miss Ann is preparing one of my all time favorites (Cheesy Chicken) as we launch the 2015 fall. Don’t miss it.

Our teenagers are in for a great Fall of ministry. We’ve just come back from a fantastic Summer Camp. We will report back to the church on Sunday Night, August 9th in the evening Service. Don’t miss this night. We are also having prayer in the morning worship service on August 23rd for all students beginning school on the 24th. Then on the 24th, our youth ministry team is hosting a breakfast before school for students. This is designed to put the proper perspective on the year by committing ourselves to Jesus on the very first day! Check with your Sunday School Teacher for the details. Let me also encourage all students and parents to make sure you are involved in the youth ministry activities right now. Small group Bible studies on Sunday morning and Middle School/High School worship and Bible Study on Wednesday nights are available for all our students. These are great disciple-making activities.

It is truly an honor to be your Pastor. Preaching God’s Word to you and seeing Christ work in us is a great joy to me. God Bless you, the sweet fellowship of believers at North Central.

Pastor Calvin