Exciting Days in 2011!

Dear Church Family,

I believe that 2011 will be one of our most fruitful years as a church family. We have many opportunities to see God do great things in and through our lives. January is the best month of the year for making adjustments. We must be sensitive to the Lord as He points out opportunities and makes corrections in our lives. Here are some things on my heart for prayer.

Pray about Missions. Praise the Lord for the $30,000.00 plus that our church gave to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering. Now we must get busy ourselves and be faithful to get involved. Pray for our Tampa outreach scheduled for June. We will take our Youth and any others (families too!) who want to be involved in helping Christ Fellowship with evangelistic activities. We will work from a Wednesday through a Sunday to help Pastor Bruce Moore reach out to their community.

Also pray about the Malaysia Missions opportunity, July 14 – 27th. We will help our IMB missionaries in an all out effort to reach college students with the gospel. This trip culminates in a two day debriefing in one of the most exciting cities in the world-Hong Kong!

Missions must also be accomplished through our church here locally. Pray about getting more involved in the outreach of your Sunday School Class. New folks are constantly coming our way. We are blessed with visitors every week to our services and Bible study groups. Look for ways to invite and welcome those who come our way. See your teacher about getting more involved.

Pray about Expanding and Building. The church is forever growing spiritually and numerically. This growth necessitates expanding our facility. On January 9th the Building Committee and Fund Raising Committee will be sharing their recommendations on how we are to move forward in our efforts to build. Here is what will take place. Sunday morning the committees will give a brief recommendation in an effort to introduce their recommendation to the church. That night we will conduct a “Town Hall Meeting” which will provide a venue to discuss the recommendations in detail. The committee members will be there to answer any questions that the church family may have. The Fund Raising committee will be available on Wednesday night, Jan 12th from 5:30-7:30pm to answer any questions that may come to mind after the town hall meeting. Of course I will be available to answer your questions as well. On Sunday evening, Jan 16th the church will vote on the recommendations. Your committees have worked hard. They have left no stone unturned in an effort to give us the best possible posture for God’s blessing and success. We are all indebted to them for their hard work.

These are exciting days!  What a blessing to recently baptize 4 precious souls into the fellowship here at North Central. May the baptismal waters continue to stir!

It is a Joy to be your Pastor.

Calvin J. Carr