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June 12 | 5p-8p | Howes house

1933 SW 83rd Ct.

Bring swimsuit and towel!

Three different times this summer we’ll be having house parties for our students! These gatherings will be held at homes that have adequate space for our students to spread out and will have plenty of activities for them to participate in. Join us tonight for our first gathering at the Howes house!


Q: Why are we doing house parties and not Youth on Wednesday at Church?
A: Simply put, the space the youth meet in is not conducive for social distancing guidelines. Additionally, church leadership thought it would be wise to wait a few weeks after our initial reopening before we start opening up the church for meetings other than Sunday Service. This gives our staff time to learn and prepare for the next stage of reopening our building.

Q: What guidelines are there for students to participate?
A: Students are not allowed to be showing any symptoms of sickness (i.e cough, fever, runny nose, fatigue), and we do not encourage students to participate who are immunocompromised.

Q: What are you doing to encourage social distancing?
A: The games, seating arrangements and snacks (pre-sealed and no finger foods) will be done in a way that doesn’t put our students in just one area together. Everything we use will be sanitized, and we won’t promote anything that hasn’t been properly thought through.