Easter Is Coming – It’s Time To Love Loud!


I pray that you are walking in the grace of the Lord today as you receive this update on the happenings here with our North Central family.

I’m writing this the day after an incredible Wednesday night of ministry here at North Central. The Fellowship Supper was absolutely packed! Folks were everywhere! The Awana Grand Prix was amazing. Our youth meetings were staffed with excellent leaders who engaged our students with the truths of Scripture. Conversational English continues to grow, filling up all of our spaces with great conversations and friendships, and then music filled the fellowship hall during choir rehearsal as we concluded all of these exciting meetings. It’s just wonderful to see.

March 13th –NCBC at the Park—I’m looking forward to seeing our congregation fellowship together at Veteran’s Memorial Park on March 13th at 5:00 pm. Wayne Thomas is going to be making some awesome pulled pork for us to enjoy, and we want you to bring the sides! Sign up to bring a dish in your Life Group or through our Facebook event this week! See you at the park!

“Can Jesus Change Me?” is the 3-part Bible study that will prepare us for Easter on March 27th. I will be speaking on the subject, “The Day that Changed Everything!” on Easter Sunday. Please invite someone to come with you!

On the Sundays following Easter (March 27), we have planned some C4 events to include some of our Easter guests as well as give you the opportunity to bring the unchurched to meet Jesus. C4 stands for “Connecting our Community to Christ and His Church”. Here are the C4 events planned for our community:

April 3—Breakfast in every Life Group!—Bring your friends for a great time. Let’s set new records in every group!  AM Message Title: Can Jesus Use Me? I’ve disappointed myself.

April 10—AM Message Title: “Can Jesus Use Me? I have my own goals? We will have the Lord’s Supper Service in the evening. On April 9th there will be a Ladies Breakfast with Sara Beth Vaughn.

April 17—Orange Bucket Sunday. Get your bucket on Easter and bring it back on the 17th of April filled with with non-perishables to share with school children in our community. AM Message Title: Can Jesus Use Me? I don’t feel ready?

April 24—Love Loud! Instead of gathering for worship in the evening on this particular Sunday, we will meet in four locations to minister in our community. Look for sign-ups on Easter Sunday to get involved in taking the love of Christ to our community! We will still have morning worship!

As you can tell, we are busy in the next few months. Well, it’s not really being “busy”—it’s being strategically organized to minister to those that need the love of Jesus.

It is a joy to be your Pastor.

Pastor Calvin