December is Wonderful!

I love December. The birth of Jesus is central to the meaning of Christmas. Our world is doing all it can to remove the true meaning of Christmas. No matter how hard they try, nothing can over shadow the significance of what Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago. My prayer for our church family is that this would be the most Jesus centered Christmas we’ve ever had.

David Champagne, trumpet soloist will be performing on Sunday morning, December 6 with our own orchestra. David has been here before. He loves Jesus and is an amazing trumpeter. You won’t be disappointed when you hear this fine young man use his talent for the Lord.

The Wonder of Christmas is the title for our Christmas Dinner Theatre, December 13th. I absolutely love this event every year. A fabulous meal, great Christmas music and drama, and the clear presentation of the gospel are the highlights of this Music and Media event. Brother Michael Anderson and our team of musicians are working extra hard to give us a splendid Christmas gift. We are so blessed to have an event such as this in our church. Make sure and buy your tickets. Let me encourage you to do something important. Buy your tickets, but also buy at least two extra so that you can bring two others that would be blessed by such a wonderful presentation. I can’t wait!

A Smokey Mountain Christmas is scheduled for Sunday night, December 20 in the 6pm service. When I think about a Smokey Mountain Christmas, I think of singing the wonderful carols of the season with guitars, piano, and maybe even a banjo! Picture yourself in a mountain cabin with friends and family singing along. Who better to lead this service than the Privette family singers! This wonderful family is amazingly talented. You will hear special songs performed by this family playing many different instruments. You will also have the opportunity to sing along with them on the traditional Christmas hymns. Don’t miss this night!!

Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Lord’s Supper Service is a very meaningful service. It is an opportunity to slow down right before the big day and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. This service teaches some great lessons to our children. It gives all ages an opportunity to remember the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice.

One way we impact the world in missions is through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. This year our goal is $17,000. I know of no other more significant offering for missions in the world! Pray about what you will give to the Lord Jesus through this special offering. We will take it up on all Sundays of the month of December.

We are well on our way to retiring the Scholarship Fund debt. Last Sunday mornings offering for our fund was $4,158.00. Some had given early which totaled an additional $1,980.00. This means that during our drive we raised an additional $6,138.00 toward this worthy cause. We will make two more regular payments this year of $736 each. When we started our campaign we owed $14,418.02 to the scholarship loan. With our cash gifts just given, and the two other payments we are scheduled to make, our total debt to the scholarship fund will be down to $6808.02 on the last day of this month! Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord!

Speaking of money matters, the Stewardship Committee is presenting our budget to the church on Sunday, December 6th. Be on the lookout for it. The committee will be grateful to answer questions concerning the budget. We will vote on the budget following the Sunday evening service on December 20.

It is a wonderful blessing to be your Pastor. Kelly and I and our entire family want to wish you a wonderful, Christ centered Christmas. May we all look for opportunities to share the greatest gift of all with someone who needs Jesus.

Pastor Calvin J. Carr