Condoleezza Rice and the Gospel

Ever wonder what Condoleezza Rice is doing now that George Bush is out of the Oval office? Well, that question was answered last week in an article from USA Today. I read this article and it actually made me think of, believe it or not, the Gospel. The former Secretary of State is now back at Stanford University as a senior fellow for the Hoover Institution, a public policy research center that studies politics and economics.

Although the Gospel wasn’t mentioned in the article, I was drawn to contemplate our gospel assignment when Rice was quoted as saying, “It’s nice not to have that knot in your stomach as you go to the front door.  I loved representing this country, but eight years was a long time.”  Rice was referring to the knot that was constantly in her stomach, especially after Sept. 11,  when everyday there were security briefings and her job revolved around keeping the country safe from terrorism.  The thought hit me — We, as believers don’t have that luxury.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big Condoleezza fan.  I think she is one of the most gifted thinkers and policy makers of our day.  She is a credit to her family and I understand that she is a committed Christian.  But the thought hit me – Jesus Christ gave all believers an assignment to share with a lost world and the stakes are high.  Eternity is at stake.  There should be a knot in our stomach every moment of every day because our job is to make disciples of all the nations.  Here’s the kicker!–We are never off the hook!  Our whole lives are consumed with doing everything we can to get Jesus to lost people.  There is no relief.  Not until we enter into eternity with our Savior.

Rice said, “I’ll tell you, after what happened to us on Sept. 11, every other day was Sept. 12.  I worried every single day that there might be another attack.”  Now think back to the day that you were converted.  There was an attack upon your soul and Jesus rescued you.  Don’t forget that day, and all subsequent days should be lived with urgency that there are others that need to be rescued.  We have marching orders from Jesus himself to share the life changing message of the gospel.

I’m glad the knot is out of Condoleezza Rice’s stomach.  She can rest that others have her previous assignment.  We, as followers of Jesus, don’t have that luxury.  We have the unique privilege to carry an even more significant burden every day.  We will carry it until we see Jesus face to face.