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Greetings to our wonderful North Central family! I want you to pray that each of us will be faithful to share the gospel with those in our sphere of influence. The Lord has allowed us to welcome some new brothers and sisters into the church family in recent days. We have also seen several that have been baptized in the fellowship. For this we are grateful to our Lord and ask that the seed of the gospel will continue to be spread by our people.

February is going to be a tremendous month of opportunity for our community and church family. Here are some important dates to mark on your calendars:

February 9-11 is our Disciple Now Weekend. Kris has done an excellent job in lining up a great team to minister to your middle and high school students. I’m looking forward to teaching on one of the topics to the students. Parents, I want to encourage you to have your students participate in this strategic weekend. I believe that friendships can be forged and strengthened that will create a spiritual momentum for your student. Check our website to sign up.

Our college students are participating in the State Collegiate Conference at beautiful Lake Yale on February 16-18. Robby Gallaty, who has written several books on disciple-making, will be preaching. I believe Kurt Shiver and Craig Olive will be leading workshops as well.

Ladies, don’t miss the “It is Well” conference on February 24. Our Women’s Ministry Team has done a remarkable job promoting and encouraging you and your friends to be involved. I sense that something very special will happen on this day. Please check our website for information about all of the teaching and schedule. Brittany Price Brooker will share her amazing story that will touch everyone there. There are also other amazing speakers, each with a connection to North Central in some way, that will encourage you. This conference is a great value at $20 and includes Chick-Fil-A for lunch, all major worship sessions, teaching from Brittany Price Brooker and other speakers—a full day of encouragement and teaching. Don’t miss this one.

We will celebrate the Lord’s Supper on Sunday, February 25, during the evening service.

I want to encourage us all to be faithful stewards of the resources that the Lord has given us. We just gave our final report to the church for 2017 in which we were able to rejoice that our income exceeded our budget for the year! This is a great victory! Now we have a brand-new year. Seek our Lord as to being obedient to Him in giving. We have much to do this new year and this is one way we all participate in the work.

Week by week, my joy is talking to individuals about Christ, ministering to our members, and preaching God’s Word. You dear folks are a wonderful people to pastor. May the Lord allow us to see even more reached with His glorious gospel in the days ahead!