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Dear Church Family,

Merry Christmas! Immanuel! God is with us! This is a great time to engage our neighbors, co-workers and all in our sphere of influence in gospel conversations.

We have watched a miraculous event in the life of our church as we have nearly eliminated the mortgage of our entire church! We have been working on this the past seven years and most recently in our Unhindered Campaign. To date, our church family has given $1,064,641.38 to the Unhindered Campaign. Simultaneously, we built a $550,000.00 Educational Building that houses our Youth Ministry, College Ministry, Special Events and Adult Life Groups. We only have $127,457.59 left and we will be completely and totally debt free! We look forward to this day!

Pray about giving to the Unhindered Campaign. Pray about giving to the elimination of this final amount. Every penny you designate toward the Unhindered Fund will be applied to this remaining amount. We will not have a commitment Sunday and sign pledge cards at this time. Simply indicate that you are giving to Unhindered and we will apply your gift to the debt. We can get it knocked out in 14-18 months if our people continue to give! We are so close! Thank you for your faithful giving!

Our 2018 Ministry Budget was just approved last Sunday. We have significant increases in Missions giving in the new budget. This is the heartbeat of our church. We also have a passion to reach our own community and have made significant strides to fund increased ministry to equip our own folks so that they can reach out to our community here as well. Our main passion must always be to make disciples of all the peoples of the world by going, baptizing, and teaching.

We need strong December in our budget giving to finish 2017 in a solid financial position. Please pray about giving sacrificially so that we end the year strong! All gifts received in the offering, mail (postmarked), or brought to the office by December 31 will be counted for this year’s budget. Thank You!

“The Advent Songs of Christmas” is the theme of the December Bible Studies that we will do on Sunday mornings! Did you know that there are 5 Christmas songs in Luke? We will look at them together. Don’t miss one of these passage studies. Also, we have great Sunday Evening events planned. I encourage you to bring someone with you to these special meetings.

Magi, Life Group Christmas Parties, A Smoky Mountain Christmas, and the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service are amazing opportunities to spread the love of Christ to many. Be intentional about getting folks here who will benefit from a Jesus filled Christmas! That really applies to all of us!

Merry Christmas!

Pastor Calvin