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December 2018

Dear church family,

Christmas at North Central! Wow! Don’t we have a great time celebrating the birth of our Lord? I want to encourage you to put some important dates on your calendar. Music is such an important part of the celebration of Christmas. I once did a study of the hymns of Christmas that proved to me the significance of our musical emphasis during this time of year. Truthfully, we are always in a celebration when Christ is the center of life because we have so much to be thankful for, but Christmas just seems extra-special. So, mark these important dates on your calendar.

December 2 at 10:45am and 6pm we will welcome Jody MacBrayer to minister in song. Jody has been here before and was used of the Lord to minister to our congregation. This time we get him for Christmas, so we will particularly be blessed by special songs for the season that he will share with us. We are blessed to have him in the 10:45 service to lead us in worship with our team, but then he will have a full Christmas concert at 6pm. We will take up a love offering to bless Jody for his continued work around the world.

December 9th we will be having our annual Life Group fellowships. We do not meet for service on this night in order to free up fellowship time for our Life Groups. Make sure to get the details from your group so you won’t miss the fellowship and community of your Life Group.

December 16th we will have the annual Smoky Mountain Christmas Concert with the Privette Family! This concert begins at 6pm and is one of the highlights of the year. I want to encourage you to invite a neighbor or friend to attend with you. This is one special night, folks. Whatever you do, don’t miss this one.

December 24th we will have our Candlelight Christmas Service and Lord’s Supper! Oh, what a night to celebrate the Light of the World, the Lord Jesus. We will read Scripture, sing Christmas favorites and have Communion together. I encourage you to invite someone. Because of this Monday night Christmas Eve Service, we won’t have a Sunday night service on the 23rd.

December 2, 9, 16, and 23rd, I will be sharing a Bible study, “In the Line of the King”. It is literally amazing to note the interesting ancestry of the Lord Jesus Christ! You won’t believe some of the folks in His lineage. We will look at them and I believe you will be encouraged that there is no one who is outside the scope of God’s love! This encourages me! I believe it will encourage you, too, and for that reason, I want to encourage you to invite folks to be with you in our Sunday morning Bible Studies for each of the next 4 December Sundays.

I want to encourage you to be generous in your giving to our $20,000 goal for the 2018 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for World Missions. Every penny you give to this offering goes directly to the world mission effort of our Southern Baptist Missionaries. Our church cooperates with thousands of other churches and we are able to support 3,500 missionaries around the world. We have several of our church members on the foreign field right now. We are thankful for this and want to help all the IMB efforts to carry the gospel to the world.

On behalf of Kelly and our entire family, I want to wish you a Jesus-centered, wonderful Christmas! Immanuel means “God with us”. Truly our Lord has blessed us all with His wonderful presence if we are believers in Him. I feel to be the most blessed Pastor ever because Christmas is a celebration that I get to share with you, the precious fellowship of believers at North Central!

Merry Christmas,