All Is Well – Cast and Crew 2016-12-11T22:48:41-05:00

To the cast and crew, thank you to everyone who has worked so hard and dedicated their time, energy, and talent to this show! You are so appreciated.

To our audience, we hope that this show has helped you to see that all is well because of Jesus! If you would like to pursue a relationship with Jesus, please talk to any cast member on this list, or call the church office! We would love to talk with you. 

Production Designers and Producers

Michael Privette, Kelly Pleil, Jose Valdes, Robert Privette


Michael Privette, Abby Privette, Kelly Pleil

12 Days of Christmas Cast

Lauren Corley, Melanie Roddam, Meghan Williams, Mandy Devane, Taylor Walker, Amanda Johnson, Alexa Ide, Phillip Heitzler, Luke Markley, Moriah Olive, Zac Olive, Aida Valdes

Children’s Choir


Teachers – Stanley & Cindy O’Steen, Beth Bache

Bowen Simoneaux, Sam Bache, CJ Bush, Millie Overstreet, Lillian Nichols, Charlotte Privette, Will Davis, Levi Howard


Teachers – Joy Wright and Amanda Roughton

Hayden Howard, Watson Inglett, Conner Simoneaux, Jacob Roughton, Elizabeth Privette, Abby Privette, James Rollins, Ben Bache, Corrie Bush, Katie Joy Rollins


Sound – Dave Wright

Lights – Chuck Jacobson

Projection – Jamie Howard


Acoustic guitar – Robert Privette

Bass guitar – Sean Foret

Drums – Brian Barber

Electric Guitar – Lothar Weimann

Keys – Michael Privette

Piano – Kelly Pleil

Worship Leader – Robert Privette



Allison Buie

Joy Wright

Kanika Inglett

Kayla Thomas

LaWanna Duncan

Sylvia Robinson


Abby Dicks

Alexa Ide

Amanda Roughton

Amber Rollins

Anita Simoneaux

Cindy O’Steen

Emily Berry

Joan Harris

Kate Privette

Marsan Thomas


Calvin Carr

David Roughton

John Duncan

Jose Valdes

Rob Bache

Stanley O’Steen

Tim TenBroeck


Ben Phillips

Bob Reynolds

Bryan Harris

Dwain Johnson


Alto sax – Steve Maule

Clarinet – Wendy Cannon

Flute – Aida Valdes, Jess Seitz

French Horn – Martha Chadburn

Oboe – Hanna Bearham, Jolene Stubbings

Percussion – Greg Peck

Tenor Sax – Amy Read

Trombone – Brian Read

Trumpet – Reed Claypool

Violin – Choonghee Lee, Luke Markley


All Is Well: Kate Privette

Be Born In Me: Kelly Pleil (soloist), Amanda Johnson (Dancer)

Labor of Love: Abby Dicks and Michael Privette

I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day: Tim TenBroeck

Mercy Tree: Amber Rollins

All Is Well: Aida Valdes


Director of Food Services

Ann Davis

Kitchen Staff

Ben Davis, Petrini Manley, Tim Manley, Sylvia Robinson, Al Robinson, Dee Privette, Laura Bell, Nicole Roberts, Dawn Reese, Mackenzie Privette, Jennifer Steers

Wait Staff

Cassie Hart, Billy Hart, Sam Hart, Lucas Bell, Sydney Bell, Johannah Schmidt,  Danae Duncan, Carlie Hart, Destiny Peck, Aubrey Hart, Christy Hart, Lil Aubrey, Chrissy Severance, Grace Severance, Thomas Bolton, Gillian Bolton, Josh Foret, Jennifer Heitzler


Reda Waters, Karen Milnor, Steve & Inez Smith, Laura Melendez, Dawn Reese, Jena McClain, Corky Cheshire, Eric Hammock, Glen Miller, Jo Ann Hutcherson, Jesse & Shirley Whitfield, Sherrill Canter, Wayne Dodd


Pat Brannen, Kelly Carr, Stacy Darty, Amber Rollins

Graphic Design

Amy Read, Sally McConn


Mandy Devane, Mitzi Dennis