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Above & Beyond

North Central’s Above & Beyond campaign is designed to help the church provide more space for its members to grow spiritually and learn in a new educational facility. This building will be used for Sunday School, our busy Wednesday night ministry, and other meetings during the week. The facility will be built using accelerated construction techniques, making it more economical to build, thus freeing up more resources to minister to the surrounding community. The Above & Beyond campaign is also designed to help the church pay down on its existing debt, enabling North Central to move forward to the future and grow more financially stable.

Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of the campaign?

The Above & Beyond Campaign has a two-fold purpose. First, it’s designed to build an educational facility that will impact every area of our church. This building will be used Sunday mornings for Youth, College, and Adult Sunday school. It will be used on Wednesday nights for our Youth meetings and Conversational English Ministry, and it will be used throughout the week for special Bible studies and ministry opportunities. Second, the campaign will help us pay down a large portion of our existing debt. Our church has a storied 75-year history, including moving from our location of more than 50 years to our current location on Northwest 23rd Avenue by Santa Fe College. In the transition, as North Central raised funds and sold the old property, the church was blessed to only incur a $1.4 million dollar indebtedness. Now it is our goal as a church family to pay this debt off. This campaign will go far in helping us accomplish that goal.

How will the building help us reach our community for Christ?

When people gather for Bible study, they need places to meet. Our people have been generous and gracious in meeting in stairwells, maintenance rooms, and in our auditorium using rolling partitions. In an effort to strategically plan for the future, our church recently decided it was time to free up our main auditorium on Sundays for worship only. This will give us much more flexibility as we grow and will also provide private space for classes to study the Bible effectively. This educational building will move us to the next level in reaching our community for Christ. We believe that with the new building we will be filled with new people from our community that we can reach for Christ. As we disciple and train new leaders, we will go back into the community to share the love of Jesus Christ in word and deed.

How will we pay for this?

Our plan is to not incur any long-term debt for this new educational facility. Over a three-year period, all of the initial funds will be used to pay for the new building. Additional funds raised will go towards our existing indebtedness. We’re thankful that we have chosen a construction process that will make it possible for us to have the facility we need without incurring and adding any additional indebtedness to the church family.

How can I help?

Every member and friend of North Central Baptist Church can be vitally involved in this process. We are asking all of our members and friends to give sacrificially to help us reach these financial goals for our church family. As you give, you can know that your gift will ultimately be used in reaching and discipling people for the Lord Jesus Christ. Our church family is grateful for the contribution you and many others will make. If we all sacrificially give, God will work a tremendous miracle in the life of this fellowship of believers.