April Excitement Is Here!

Dear Church Family,

If you would like to download our Above and Beyond Devotional Guide expand this blog and then click Above and Beyond Devotional

We will look back to April of 2011 as one of the most exciting months in the life of this precious fellowship of believers. Every church approaches special opportunities in its life and ministry. Our Above and Beyond Campaign brings us to such a moment. April the 17th is Commitment Sunday. You will be receiving an Above and Beyond commitment card that we are asking you to bring with you on April the 17th. Our schedule for that morning will begin at 9:30 with our worship service and commitment time. Each family will be asked to turn in their financial commitment for our three year Above and Beyond Campaign. The financial commitment that each family makes will go toward the building of our future educational space as well as the retirement of our existing indebtedness.  These gifts are to be Above and Beyond our regular tithes and offerings that we are currently giving.  This will be a time of sacrifice in each of our lives.  The theme of our giving is “Equal Sacrifice, Not Equal Gifts.”  Although every gift will not be the same, we will reach an incredible goal if our gifts come from equal sacrifice.  Following our service we will have lunch together.  There will be no Sunday school on this day. Our lunch / fellowship time will be fabulous.  What a special day of celebration and commitment this will be.

Our prayer team has given us 28 Days of Devotions that we have been reading. If you do not have this you can receive it by going onto our website at northcentralbaptist.org and downloading the devotional guide.  We are also having a 24 hour prayer event on Friday April the 8th from 12:00 noon until Saturday April the 9th at 12:00 noon.  Our people have already begun signing up to spend 30 minutes at the church in prayer for our Above and Beyond Campaign.

Sunday April 24th is Easter Sunday. This will be a wonderful celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord.  The Lord has given me a special message entitled It’s Easter, Pass the Biscuits. I know that may sound funny to you now, but come on Easter and you’ll understand what’s it’s all about.

Then on May the 1st will be our Above and Beyond Celebration Sunday and our First Fruits offering. This will be the time in which our folks will be asked to bring their first gifts to our Above and Beyond Campaign along with their regular giving.  We will also announce what our commitment totals are to the Above and Beyond Campaign.

I’m so thankful for the faithfulness of all of our people in their giving. Our January through March quarter has been very good.  Even though there are difficulties in our economic world and we are involved in a Building Capital Stewardship Campaign, our people have been faithful in their regular giving.  We’re so thankful for that.

Our prayer is that we would be faithful witnesses for Jesus Christ. We are looking forward to stirring the baptismal waters in the days ahead.  Let’s ask the Lord Jesus Christ to help us be faithful in our witness and work for Him.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am to be your Pastor. You are a wonderful people.  God has given us a rich heritage.  The future is bright because we serve the risen Savior, Jesus Christ our Lord.


Calvin J. Carr