2010 is Here!

I believe that 2010 will be our greatest year in reaching people with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ! We are called to fulfill the Great Commission-to “make disciples” of all nations. Our mission is clear-to do whatever we can to get the gospel to the lost and to faithfully disciple those that are within our sphere of influence.
I am looking forward to meeting with all of the parents of our youth on Sunday night, Jan.10th in the fellowship hall following the Sunday evening service. We will discuss some upcoming plans for our students that I believe will impact them for Jesus. The young people of our church should get the very best that we have to offer. We have always been a church with a priority for youth. We will make an all out effort to focus on our young people in the days ahead.
Upward Basketball games begin on Jan. 8th. Let’s be praying for the outreach potential for each of the boys and girls enlisted in this fine program. Pray for coaches and leaders as they attempt to lead their players to love Jesus more.
We look forward to welcoming our college students back for yet another semester here at University of Florida and Santa Fe College. I’m thankful for the fine team of leaders that the Lord has assembled to work in our College Sunday School. Students, mark your calendars for April 9-11 for our College Retreat with Dr. Alvin Reid. Dr. Reid is professor of Evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forrest, North Carolina. He is a highly sought after speaker across the United States. He is being used of God in an unusual way among college students. I know that he has spoken several times at the University of Florida. Students mark your calendars. Dr. Reid will be concluding with our students right here at the church as he preaches for our whole congregation both Sunday morning and Sunday night on April 11th.
The Celebration Choir and Orchestra has been growing by leaps and bounds. Their retreat is scheduled for January 23rd right here at the church. Now is the time for you to join our wonderful music ministry. See Brother Michael for more detail about how to use your talents for the Lord.
It is a wonderful privilege to be your Pastor. Let’s make 2010 a year consecrated and dedicated to Jesus! Looking forward to seeing you this Sunday.

Pastor Calvin